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company news about "Lighting Talk" | Streamer, more to stay!

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Company News
"Lighting Talk" | Streamer, more to stay!
Latest company news about "Lighting Talk" | Streamer, more to stay!

"Lighting Talk"


The thing about streamer lights


The competition of fill lights will eventually be a competition of the degree of integration of technology and art.


In addition to the functions of color rendering, color temperature range, brightness, stability, heat dissipation, etc., how to perfectly integrate the personality and adaptability of the lighting with the creator's content will be the most important point.


Monochrome, multi-color combination, shaping the sense of space atmosphere; breathing rhythm, music rhythm, space flow... within your grasp


Today we will talk about the technology and aesthetics of pixel lamps.


"There are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people." In today's LED fill light field, young creators have different thoughts in pursuit of a higher level of brightness and more personalized lighting. But Hamlet is Hamlet, Lishuai T series stick light, it will be the one you think in your heart.


Gain "Subtraction" in upgrades


In addition to the powerful product strength, Lishuai T series pixel lamps provide a paradigm solution for creating a space atmosphere - pixel free control.


On the instinct of creating a sense of atmosphere with the stick lamp, Lishuai T series uses the power of technology to reduce many troubles and troubles for the creator, making the lamp a purer service body. Li Shuai firmly believes that the more freedom you give lighting engineers, the more they will be used to playing freely.


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For large production teams, Lishuai T series streamer stick lights can be connected to the DMX console, each pixel can be controlled individually, and each group of RGB lamp beads can be controlled individually. At the same time, a large number of stick lights can be controlled collaboratively on the console. , to create unimaginable visual effects.


For small teams or individual combat, Lishuai T series streamer stick lights have specially created custom lighting effect settings. There is no need for other additional equipment such as a console, and you can easily select various lighting effects on the lamp body. At the same time, you can also program various lighting effects yourself, such as marquee, meteor, color rotation, etc., which can be precisely and finely adjusted.


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In terms of use, the high-brightness T series streamer stick light has the characteristics of ultra-lightweight. Originating from Lishuai's new generation of high-density lamp bead arrangement technology and internal space processing, Lishuai T series can achieve both lightness and surging, and the light output is silky and linear.


It is worth mentioning that Lishuai adopts the unique color mixing color science of RGBWW. At present, the light mixing method used by many other RGB fill lights on the market is to directly use RGB lamp beads to mix into white light. This simple and crude method makes the color temperature of the white light/CCT mixed from RGB inaccurate, resulting in color temperature deviation, which will eventually lead to users. Clip rollover occurs in post-production.


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On the premise of 128 RGB lamp beads, Lishuai T60 streamer rod light is additionally set with 96 warm light and 96 cold light to ensure high-quality, high-precision, high-standard white light. Output the most efficient white light, so that the stick light can maintain the professional brightness that the fill light should have in addition to the function of the streamer effect.


"Subtraction" is supplemented by "Simple Method"


The "simplified method" of Lishuai T series is reflected in a more simplified selection and use, allowing users to purchase more accurately and deeply, and to use more conveniently and faster.


Lishuai has specially set up a number of size options, 1 foot, 2 feet, 4 feet, and 8 feet, according to the actual needs and practical application of the rod light users. Users only need to directly select the desired size according to their actual situation and project characteristics size of. In addition, based on the existing size, Lishuai has launched a customized and precise service. For some special projects, the size and function can be customized according to your needs, so that the 360° lighting can fully meet your needs.


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In addition, in the use of the scene, according to the functional characteristics of the T series, Lishuai specially developed a series of complete accessories, from floor lamp brackets, pipe clamps, multi-light sets, hoisting, light control accessories, etc. A series of complete accessories, to provide users with a better lighting experience.


As a new series of professional video lights, whether it is an excellent design, a configuration that is ahead of its peers, and a function that makes people look at it... The Lishuai T series is the leader in the field of atmosphere creation and lighting. Streamer stick light, YYDS, means an item is particularly good at in some fields.

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