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company news about Outdoor Large Scene TVC Shooting Skills

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Company News
Outdoor Large Scene TVC Shooting Skills
Latest company news about Outdoor Large Scene TVC Shooting Skills

How to achieve "extremely simple wind" in outdoor large scene TVC shooting?


Production funds are tight, the shooting cycle is short, there are many requirements, and changes are frequent Every problem that makes people jump is a situation that film and television workers often encounter.


This time, lighting director Liu Bin and his team once again brought us the experience of "low-cost, fine production" outdoor large scene TVC shooting.


A fine scheme is very important


The shooting task of this time is the challenge arena competition scene, which is similar to this classic big scene shooting. The schemes of each lighting division are generally very different. The main problems to be solved: the outdoor sun is uncontrollable, the lens is easy to wear, and the actors can't face the lens.


Outdoor Large Scene TVC Shooting Skills


Just before that, the team participated in the shooting of "impression of West Lake" in Hangzhou. It is also an outdoor scene. The equipment used includes 2 large cranes, 1 cart, a set of 20 * 20-meter large butterfly cloth, multiple tungsten lamps, and multiple dysprosium lamps.


This scheme is very common and can also be used in this shooting, but the only problem is: expensive! Moreover, the assistant staff given in this shooting is less than 4, and it is impossible to complete the lighting even if all the equipment is equipped.


Outdoor Large Scene TVC Shooting Skills


Therefore, on the premise that the environment is similar but the actual cost budget is greatly different, we can only make the best use of everything. Combined with the detailed scheme, we can use simpler lights and limited equipment to make better results.


Solving problems is king


No matter how tight the budget is and how short the production cycle is, the problems in front of us still need to be solved.


Q: Big butterfly cloth has no equipment to hang up to cover the big scene!


Butterfly cloth is used in the close-range shooting to block out light so that actors can naturally look directly at the lens. In addition, two 1000xpro are used for light distribution to reshape the effect of sunshine and make the characters have a sense of hierarchy ~


Outdoor Large Scene TVC Shooting Skills


Q: There is no butterfly cloth in the big scene, and the ground is too bright!


Sprinkle water on the ground to increase the sense of ground density. Shoot two shots with one shot with water and the other with no water. In the later stage, press and darken to solve the problem of ground reflection in large scenes.


Outdoor Large Scene TVC Shooting Skills


Q: The direction of sunshine is different in different periods!


When the sunlight changes, move the light leg again to find the light position, and the camera also needs to avoid the light leg to avoid wearing the upper.


At this time, the lightness of the light plays a key role. When the personnel is limited and the shooting time is strictly controlled, move the light position quickly to keep up with the shooting rhythm.


Outdoor Large Scene TVC Shooting Skills


When shooting resources are extremely scarce, we can obtain high cost-effective results by grasping the use of key lights and clarifying the places where the picture needs to be changed.


Trust me, it can light all directions


In the shooting of various scenes of TVC, especially outdoor shooting, the requirement for the lamp is not only bright enough but also the brightness that can compete with the scorching sun, so that you can produce the lighting effect you want at all times.


Lishuai 1000xpro spotlight has a high-power two-color temperature, maximum power up to 680W, and the brightness comparable to a 1.8K traditional dysprosium lamp, which is also one of the few lights on the market that can compete with 1.8K dysprosium lamp!


Outdoor Large Scene TVC Shooting Skills


Deep dimming technology is 1000xpro's secret weapon in dealing with the competition of high-power spotlights. When choosing lights, many people pay more attention to power, illumination, and basic functions. However, in practical use, especially in TVC shooting, the accurate display of brightness and color temperature has become an important part of testing a lamp.


Outdoor Large Scene TVC Shooting Skills


0-10% low-end precision control, uniform linearity, and excessive smoothness. Whether in the console or on the mobile app, it can be accurately achieved.


Outdoor shooting lights must be 360 ° fully armed to withstand the unpredictable environment. 1000xpro, high-strength rainproof. The lamp body and control box can be exposed and used in heavy rain. At the same time, it can still be used normally in the severe cold of minus 20 ℃ and high temperatures of 45 ℃.


Outdoor Large Scene TVC Shooting Skills

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