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company news about Sharing of Professional Film and Television Lighting Skills

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Company News
Sharing of Professional Film and Television Lighting Skills
Latest company news about Sharing of Professional Film and Television Lighting Skills

Lighting is a huge and complex subject. There are many completely different ways to light the scene. It is precise because of thousands of changes in lighting style and technology that our creation is more fascinating. Mr. Wang Jianbo, a professional film and television producer, will bring you a variety of lighting methods and skills in different styles. At the same time, he will share with you his practical creative experience for many years.


Lighting shooting skills of reproducing clown style


Clown is a well-known villain in DC. He is a person with complex behavior but pure ideas. To express the clown at multiple levels is a point that needs attention in lighting.


Film and Television Lighting Skills


When we practice this kind of scene to show the inner heart of characters through light changes, we can complete it through the cooperation of hand-made and light. Here, two Lishuai 300D spotlights and one Lishuai hs-50 portable lamp are used. Equipped with some simple accessories, the effect of multi-level and unpredictable on-site lighting effect can be achieved.


Film and Television Lighting Skills


The two spotlights can effectively simulate the effect of the noon sun. The spotlight's strong direct sunlight forms the glare of the picture, while the special effect of RGB flat light enhances the uneasy atmosphere of the whole scene, which brings Arthur's emotional release that is difficult to suppress and spray out.


Experience in shooting advertising level products


In the shooting of products, if there is good lighting and wings, it can bring more rich income to practitioners. Taking a camera as an example, Mr. Wang explained how to quickly realize the lighting and shooting of advertising grade products.


Film and Television Lighting Skills


As long as the method is appropriate, the effect beyond imagination can still be achieved with a very simple light distribution. Here, the lighting of advertising-grade products can be easily realized by using two Li Shuai stick lamps. The linear light of the bar lamp plays a finishing touch for the contour change and texture display of the product.


Film and Television Lighting Skills


Thinking of high light intensity food photography


High light food is a subject that many stores and personal lovers like to shoot very much, so how to decorate a high light atmosphere with lights?


Film and Television Lighting Skills


Three-point light distribution can realize the high light modulation food atmosphere simulating natural light in the all-black environment. The top light shines down from the top, to make the light more concentrated and softer on the shooting object; Irradiate from the 45-degree angle on the left, so that the shooting object presents a perfect spot in the upper left corner; The auxiliary light shines from the 45-degree angle on the right to make up for the place where the main light cannot be found so that the whole shooting object can have light, avoid obvious shadows, and highlight the crystal clear and bright color of the food.


Film and Television Lighting Skills


Different food materials have different lighting methods, which need to be tried according to the actual situation. For example, rough food, such as cut bread and cake and various cooked meat products, belong to light absorbers, and the light should be soft and directional. Therefore, soft light covers and honeycomb covers are more used when shooting such food lighting.


For vegetables, fruits, ice cream, and fresh raw meat, they are semi-light absorbers, which are prone to projection due to irregular shape, so it is common to use scattered light.


If you shoot food with certain light transmittance, such as frozen food, candy, drinks, etc. The intensity and flexibility of light should be skillfully combined. It is very important to properly use contour light and backlight to show the attractiveness of the subject.


Show tips for dark food photography


Dark food photography looks more advanced, but it's not difficult to realize. Common features of dark-tone photos: the whole picture is dark, giving people a sense of retro tranquility, story, and atmosphere. To ensure the characteristics of dark food photos and highlight the main body, when shooting, we should try to choose the background with a darker color, and the props should also choose the dark color system as far as possible, to effectively guide the viewer's line of sight through light and dark comparison.


Film and Television Lighting Skills


We use a Lishuai 150D spotlight and a parabolic diffuser to realize the light distribution texture of dark light modulation. It should be noted that black cloth and other tools are used to block light and create shadows to ensure that most of the light is concentrated on the main body and there is a certain shadow to highlight the level;


Secondly, while ensuring that the light is concentrated on the shooting subject, use soft light tools or reflective plates for indirect lighting to ensure that the light will not be too hard and affect the texture;


Finally, the lighting angle of dark food generally adopts a side backlight or backlight to achieve the photo style of conflict and story.


Film and Television Lighting Skills

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